Friday, December 7, 2007

Uncle Ryan

Carter: “Daddy, when I grow up I’m gonna live in California. Would you live in California with me?”

Daddy: “Well Carter I kinda like it here in North Carolina. When you grow up you can live wherever you want just as long as you come visit.”

Carter: “I will come back and visit. Would you come visit me???”

Daddy: “Sure I would. Mommy and I like visiting California. Carter, why do you want to live in California?”

Carter: “Because that is where Uncle Ryan lives! I want to live with Uncle Ryan when I get bigger in California.”

A conversation on our way home yesterday. This sweet little boy does love his Uncle Ryan something fierce. He went on to share how he would drive Uncle Ryan’s car and they would live together near the beach. Here are some shots from Ryan’s visit. Anything Uncle Ryan does is of course the coolest including dancing in your underwear in the living room. Oh wait that’s cool no matter who’s doing it.

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