Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Getting in the Holiday Mood

A couple of weeks ago we took some time to go pick out our Christmas tree. Carter did us proud again chosing a rather large specimen to grace our foyer. Good thing the area is open above because we would have had to do some serious trimming to get it to fit anywhere else in the house. The weather was unseasonably mild for this time of year. Last year it was bitterly cold and windy when we went out. This year it was in the sixties and all of us were in need of something cold and refreshing after our hike among the trees. The remaining shots are from our excursion the following weekend to Grandfather mountain for dollar days. A little cooler and more overcast but still unseasonably mild. This past weekend made up for it with icy conditions Saturday (just in time for our annual party) and following through all day Sunday with snow and really cold temps that lasted through this morning. We missed school yesterday which is always fun during an already short week leading into Christmas break.

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